Ensight™ Intelligent Quote

Transform Your Illustration Experience and Sales Operations

Ensight™ Intelligent Quote is transforming industry case design operations with integrated ‘single-entry quoting’ and advanced product benchmarking on one single platform.

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Streamlined Quoting With Single Entry & More

Designed to streamline the illustration process. Intelligent Quote’s ‘single-entry’ quoting and custom illustration templates reduce case design, training, and support costs by up to 45%.

Easy To Understand, Intuitive Design

With an intuitive design, reflexive questions, user friendly workflow, life insurance carriers, and distributors can make the illustration journey an easy-to-understand experience for anyone.

Competitive Intelligence

Through a proprietary platform integration with WinFlex, all product data and information is available and maintained in real-time. Custom benchmarking data sets are also available for advanced actuarial analytics.

Ensight Intelligent Quote

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