Ensight™ Data Analytics

Improve Pipeline Visibility, Decision Making & Revenue

Ensight™ Data Analytics empowers carriers and distributors with the data intelligence to drive premium growth through a deeper understanding of case status, distribution performance and agent behavior.

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Transform Distribution Strategy & Performance Through Insight

Ensight™ data analytics provides real-time insight into your channel and distributor sales pipeline, operational performance (placement ratio) and business service levels (cycle time).

Granular Visibility with Intuit® Style Dashboard Analytics

Visualize, track and act on granular data insights with an intuitive Intuit®-style dashboard experience. Ensight™ dashboards can be customized for any user – case designer, wholesaler, producer or key account.

Operationalize Analytics In Real-Time

Let our intuitive dashboard analytics empower your organization. Ensight™ dashboard analytics help executives, wholesalers and producers stay ahead of the case with real-time, ‘actionable’ intelligence.

Customizable & Extendable Across Your Sales Operations

Access the entire data universe within the Ensight™ application ecosystem, as well as any API-based application or data source (internal / external). All dashboard information is provisioned in real-time.

Ensight Data Analytics

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