Ensight™ works with WinFlex to provide 'Single-Entry' Quoting Platform for Term & Perm Life Insurance

Ensight™ Intelligent Quote is the first Term and Permanent life quoting platform to provide ‘Single-Entry’ case design and integrated product benchmarking. If you are looking to shift your focus from case design to sales revenue, Ensight™ can help your business thrive!

  • Streamline case design process by over 50%
  • Shift time to consultative selling & focus on higher targeted premium cases
  • Increase ‘Term to Perm’ & up-sell conversions to drive revenue
  • Acquire new producers, advisers and accounts with exceptional service

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3 Ways Ensight™ Can Increase Your Sales


Case Design Time Savings

Dramatically reduce case design and product benchmarking time through one intuitive platform experience. No need to shift between multiple platforms.

Empower case designers, wholesalers, producers, and financial advisers to rapidly quote pre-templated cases & re-run cases in 15 seconds or less! 


Average Case Premium Uplift

Rapidly showcase key accumulation sales concepts (such as LIRP, Supplemental Retirement, Different Funding Levels) to drive higher average case premiums!

Visually compare different carriers and plans in an easy to consume, interactive way so clients can understand distributions, loans & IRR. 


Term-Perm Upsell Conversion

Drive consistent up-selling across your operation by running multiple product classes (Term, GUL, Whole Life, UL, and IUL) simultaneously.

Showcase the value of lifelong protection versus a Term policy and the long-term cost of ART with consumer-friendly ‘Term-Perm’ comparisons. 

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